Episode 12 - What Professional Sport Has the Best Athletes?

December 12, 2017

Hey WaT listenters! The guys are back! After taking a bit of a break (last long one, we promise) so Keith could get settled with his newborn daughter, they are ready to go. In this episode, Travis and Keith bring a conversation they had recently; which of the major sports has the best athletes? What started out as a heated debate turns into a discussion about the nature of athletes and athleticism. The guys are interested in what is the difference between the two and which sport requires which. Travis claims that the skills of baseball requires the best athletes. Keith thinks basketball and hockey (Producer Josh thinks Keith is right about hockey) require more raw athleticism. Kyle wonders how we would test it all. They try to come up with a good competition to determine which athletes might be the most athletic and which might be the best athletes. Join the conversation on Twitter (@wat_podcast) and Facebook and let us know which sport wins! As always, please rate and review us on iTunes and Apple Podcasts.


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