Episode 15 - The Future of Storytelling (Indie Films vs. Big Budget Blockbusters)

January 25, 2018

Let's all go to the movies! Hey What About This listeners, thanks for tuning in. This episode is about the future of the movies. Producer Josh wants to talk about something Steven Spielberg said about it: that we're going to get more independent movies and that the big budget blockbuster is dying (but not Blockbuster, that's already dead R.I.P.). The guys jump in by discussing who has more freedom: the big budget blockbuster, or the small budget indies. They talk about the restrictions in both and the type of art produced by each. That leads them to wondering if people will still go to movies at all in the future and how hard it is for a film to motivate us enough to leave our homes instead of using one of the many streaming services (ie. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Starz, HBO, etc.) They speculate that we are all turning more to experiences that cannot be replicated at home - like concerts, live theater, musicals, and the like. Other topics include: the ritual of theater going, spectacle and art, the ubiquitous nature of screens, entertainment as appeasement (panem et circenses).

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